Bonfire Night Safety Tips

Fireworks are a great way to have fun as a family. If you live somewhere busy, you might hear them go off for all sorts of occasions. Of course, the safest way to enjoy fireworks is at a big public display - they look amazing too - but nothing beats a cosy night in with family. So, if you're celebrating this Bonfire Night from the comfort of your garden, here are our top Bonfire Night safety tips:

1. Have Adults Set Up & Light Your Fireworks

Make sure your children are safe by setting up all the fireworks while they wait at a distance. When handling sparklers, be sure to light them for your child and supervise until they go out again.

2. Read And Follow Instructions

Bring a torch outside so you can read all of the instructions before use. Fireworks are all uniquely fun so you want to be sure you're using them all correctly!

3. Always Light & Hold Your Fireworks At An Arm's Length

Whether you're lighting a larger firework or setting up a sparkler, this tip is a must!

4. Keep Flames Away From The Fireworks

Any naked flames should be kept far away from your fireworks, and not just the ones you're about to light. Be careful with lighters and cigarettes this evening. Keep your fireworks in a closed box for safety.

5. Set Your Fireworks Off Carefully

Place your fireworks so that they are facing away from your guests. Once a firework is lit, you should never return to it. Even if it hasn't gone off.

6. Check The Legal Fireworks Times

In England, fireworks usually cannot be set off past 11pm. Bonfire Night is an exception, with the cut-off point being midnight for the holiday.

7. Sparkler Safety

Sparklers are a great way for children to feel involved in the display, but keep in mind that they burn at about the same temperature as a welding torch. Make sure everyone who handles sparklers is wearing gloves and holds them at arm's length. Don't wave your sparklers near other people, or hold a sparkler if you are holding a child. Put your sparklers into a bucket of cold water when you are done. Sparklers are not recommended for children under 5 years.

8. Bonfire Safety

Every bonfire should have someone responsible for keeping an eye on it, as they should never be left unattended. Make sure your bonfire is placed away from any wooden material such as fences and sheds, as well as any areas children will be playing. Tie back any long hair and make sure your clothing isn't too loose. Never use petrol to light your fire, always use a lighter. When you are done with your bonfire, use water to put it out even if it looks like it has stopped burning already. It is also recommended to keep a bucket of water handy whilst the fire is burning, in case of an emergency.

9. Buy CE Marked Fireworks

The Pyrotechnic Articles (Safety) Regulations 2010 came into force on 4th July 2010. These regulations require that all fireworks must carry a CE mark, indicating that it has passed checks to keep you and your family safe with correct usage.

10. Keep Pets Indoors

While this is a fun family holiday, your pets probably don't want to see any fireworks. Even if they aren't bothered by them, it is best for their safety to keep them in on Bonfire Night.

Bonfire Night is a staple in our seasonal calendars. From standing on a cold school field to watching A Kiss Goodnight at Disneyland, fireworks are simply magical. Make your Bonfire Night a happy one by following our safety tips and passing the magic along to your family this season.