What To Put In A Valentine's Day Hamper

Valentine's Day is just over a week away, which means it's time to start thinking about how you want to celebrate. You might want a quiet night in with films, games, and snacks. Or, you might want to put on your fanciest get-up and head out for a night of high-quality food, drink, and entertainment. However you're planning to spend your Valentine's, the best way to tie the night together is with a Valentine's Day hamper.

Where to Start

Of course, the best base for your Valentine's Day hamper would be a bouquet of the recipients favourite flowers. If they're not into any specific types of flowers, you could go with colours they like, or ask a florist for recommendations on nice colour schemes and smells. Some people may prefer a living bouquet, but if you do choose to go with cut flowers you can include a way to preserve their beauty with our pressed flower kit. This is a great option for creatives. If you're a creative person yourself, you may prefer to use the kit yourself and gift your loved one some unique pressed flower art instead of the classic bouquet.

Food and Drink

A good drink is another staple for Valentine's. A bottle of champagne would look elegant and classy alongside some flowers. If you're going for something cosier, grab some rich hot chocolate and your favourite biscuits. Our Mr and Mrs mugs are perfect for newlyweds celebrating their first Valentine's as a married couple. Even if it isn't your first, they'll bring back some lovely memories.

And you can't have a good drink without some food. If you don't have plans already, you could include a note in your Valentine's Day hamper with reservations to a nice restaurant. They could be for the same night, or another night in the near future to give your significant other time to prepare. For a night in, you could show your appreciation with some lovely baked goods or a snack platter. We have lots of books on cooking and baking here at Zatu Home. One of our favourites is Baked With Love - a recipe book full of gluten-free, grain-free, and vegan baking options so you can find something for everyone. We also have For the Love of Cheese, a great guide on buying, storing, pairing, and preparing cheeses. Perfect if you love a wine and cheese night.

Unique Gifts

If you're a bit old school you could put together a CD or a playlist. This could be on an old music player or a tape if you're feeling nostalgic, or just a shared playlist through a music app. You could even include some lovely new headphones in your hamper, like our Mr Wonderful headphones that read "you make my heart sing."

If you're putting together a Valentine's Day hamper for an avid reader, we also have a blog on how to make a book gift hamper. Add a special touch to your gift by theming it around your loved one's interests. If you need a good book to start with, our most romantic suggestion would have to be You & Me & Why We Are in Love by Aurelia Alcais.