Unique Gifts For Every Football Fan

Football fans come in all kinds of colours. Red and white, yellow and green, navy blue... But no matter who they support, you'll always see the same types of fans out on the field and in the crowds. And there are perfect, unique football gifts out there for every single one of them.

The Coach - Match Day Planner

The coach spends all their time either on the pitch or watching the pitch - and they love it. So get them something that will let them think about the pitch, even when it's well out of sight. This matchday planner is specially designed for football fans, with helpful sections for team line-ups, match notes, player reviews, and more, to plan out all of their events.

The Diehard - Glove Care Essentials

The Diehard lives and breathes football, which means they’ve got everything they could possibly want that relates to it. But don’t worry, you still have options. This glove care kit is a useful essential for any player. No matter how much you play, with this kit, your equipment will always be in top condition.

The Kids - Finger Football

Most children aren’t so interested in useful gifts. They don’t like clothes, and they’re not really going to understand why the new professional ball you bought them is so much cooler than the Spiderman one in their garden. But finger football is a universally appreciated gift, and it’ll keep the kids from trying to play a full game of football when they’re stuck indoors.

The Bandwagoner - Training Ball

Know someone who’s only into football when their team’s winning? A training football is a great gift that’s simultaneously thoughtful and a bit of a gag. If they want to catch up with the rest of the gang before their team loses again, they better get those training kicks in fast. Maybe a taste of their own win is what they need to keep the spark going.

The Emotional Rollercoaster - Tactics Board

Some people handle the ups and downs of a match better than others. If you know a sore loser, introduce them to this tactics board. Planning together as a team may boost their confidence a bit, and they’re sure to be a football strategy master in no time. Watch out, coach!

Of course, at the end of the day, all of these unique football gifts would be appreciated by any kind of football fan. We're sure that any gifts from our football collection would be! If you'd like to see more sports items, we have all sorts of sports and leisure items to browse. If you like our gift guides, you can find more of them here.