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Top 5 Smart Speakers for your Home

Top 5 Smart Speakers for 2020

A smart speaker plays music, audiobooks, radio or any sound you want to play through it. That’s all they do, right? Wrong. Smart speakers are the next big thing in the speaker world and are perfect for people who want more something more than just sound. Smart speakers have created a whole new tech category […]

January 16,2020 - By Sian
Mower Robots A Closer Look

A Closer Look at Mower Robots

Robotic household appliances are fast becoming the new trend in smart homes (and smart gardens!). They take the hassle out of everyday chores by completing the task for you, without even needing your supervision! Robotic lawn mowers are the latest autonomous products to catch our eye with popular brands such as Bosch and Flymo bringing […]

September 12,2018 - By Caitlin
Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller

A Guide to the Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller

Smart Home Technology doesn’t need to be confined to the house. There are plenty of gadgets that can enhance your garden too, including the Eve Aqua Smart Water Controller. This clever device allows you to turn on the sprinklers in your garden exactly when you need them – wherever you are. Our post today will […]

September 12,2018 - By Josh
Ring Video Doorbell Collection

Introducing the Ring Video Doorbell Collection

The new Ring Video Doorbell is the latest in smart security technology. It acts as a normal doorbell, alerting you when someone pushes the button, but also acts as a security camera with additional smart features. Ring offers a variety of video doorbells to suit all needs and budgets. Let’s take a detailed look at […]

September 11,2018 - By Francesca
Hive by British Gas

A Closer Look at Hive by British Gas

British Gas originally invented Hive to allow its customers to control their heating from their phone. This allowed you to turn your gas on or off when you were out; perfect for those winter months when you forget to put your heating on a timer. From there, Hive have introduced a variety of different smart […]

September 10,2018 - By Francesca
Amazon Echo Model Guide

Amazon Echo Model Guide

“Alexa, what’s the weather tomorrow?” One of the many Alexa-based terms that you’re likely to hear in your friend’s and loved one’s home in 2018. The Amazon Echo Smart Speaker is appearing in more and more households across the country. The device connects to the now famous Alexa cloud-based voice search service. The speaker connects […]

September 4,2018 - By Josh