Your Essential Disney Books Reading List

Can't get enough of the world of Disney? Do you watch the films over and over? Or do you know someone who does? There are so many ways to enrich your day-to-day with a bit of Disney nostalgia. You might have Disney themed clothes, bags, furniture... But do you keep up with Disney books?

Disney books offer all kinds of new ways to enjoy Disney. Stories, facts, art, food... Here are our top picks for adding a bit of Disney spice to your daily life:

Eat Like Walt

Eat Like Walt explores every corner of Disney. Disneyland's culinary history dates back to 1923 when Walt Disney first arrived in Hollywood. By 1934, four years before Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs would be released, Mickey Mouse had made him famous enough to have a recipe published in Better Homes & Gardens magazine. Ask fans what Walt’s favourite food was and most will say, "Chilli!" Chilli has a cult status at Disneyland. Eat Like Walt takes you on a journey through the history of Disney food.

Art Of Colouring: Disney Poster Art

This stunning collection of postcards features original vintage illustrations from Disney parks around the world - each inked with care by the masterful graphics team at Walt Disney Imagineering. Colour in the cards and bring to life gorgeous attraction posters featuring the Haunted Mansion, Pirates of the Caribbean, It’s a Small World, and more. Perfect for cultivating creativity, relaxation, and focus, these postcards are for you to keep and enjoy or mail to your friends and family.

Disney Eats

Finished learning about the history of Disney food and still crave more? Disney Eats takes the ordinary and mundane, making it extraordinary and fun by adding some Disney-inspired creative flair. From making a Minnie Mouse inspired platter and a savoury dish such as Mulan's Blossom Stir-Fry, to preparing Disney character lunch boxes. Author Joy Howard shows that creative ideas are endless.

Disney Movie Posters

Anyone who has ever seen a Disney movie knows that the iconic images are beautifully conveyed via magnificent posters. The tone of the movie and the full range of emotions we experience in seeing the film are often captured in a single image. After experiencing a wonderful Disney picture, the sight of the poster can bring back all the feelings of the film. Disney Movie Posters is a tribute to those posters, which tell the story both before and after we see the movie.

These books are a great start for delving further into Disney, and will hopefully lead the way to many more Disney book discoveries that will keep your life feeling magical every day.