Top 5 Cocktail Books

Cocktails! Alcoholic, non-alcoholic, sweet, savoury, colourful, glow in the dark, on fire... If you can imagine it, someone's made it. And that special magic is what makes cocktails the perfect addition to any event, even if it's a small evening in. But, because the possibilities are so endless, it can be a bit overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right cocktails for you. You might want to start making them yourself, but have no idea where to begin. So, whether you're a newcomer or a cocktail expert, here are our top 5 cocktail books to get your party plans going.

Savory Cocktails by Greg Henry

When it comes to cocktail books, Savory Cocktails make the perfect companion for any beginner or barman. Featuring not only fantastic, unique recipes that throw the traditional sweet cocktail out the window, but also information on tools, ingredients, and history. Savory Cocktails applies classic liqueurs and innovative new bitters to nearly 100 stylish recipes with sophisticated, complex flavours. All 100% mixologist approved.

Xoxo, a Cocktail Book

Whether you’re an Upper East Sider, swanky hotel owner, prep school heiress, or just a fan who loves to stream hours of TV, you'll be in good company with an exquisite cocktail in your hand. If you're looking for some high-class, New York style cocktail recipes then the XOXO Cocktail book is a great place to start, regardless of whether you're a Gossip Girl fan. And if you are a fan, perhaps it's time for a classy twist on your next binge of the show?

Kiddie Cocktails

Kiddie Cocktails is perfect for anyone who wants the fun of a cocktail without the alcohol. We all know how enticing a cocktail looks, and the bright colours and decorations are sure to draw the eye of children. So, let them join in the fun with their own tasty, colourful cocktails made especially for them! The Kiddie Cocktails book also includes a fun guide on how to hold a kiddie cocktail party, complete with classic punchbowl recipes, party favours, music, and of course a few tasty snack suggestions.

Jamaican Cocktails and Mixed Drinks

The rums and liqueurs of Jamaica have influenced drinking habits worldwide, from blue mountain coffee to ginger beer. Jamaican Cocktails and Mixed Drinks shows you how you can make over 300 fantastic cocktails from simple ingredients. With fruity drinks and glowing punches, you're sure to find plenty of drinks you'll love, and many versatile mixes for different moods and themes. If you're a host at heart, we wholly recommend Jamaican Cocktails and Mixed Drinks as your new go-to cocktail companion.

The Home Bar Guide to Tropical Cocktails

If you're looking to step up your cocktail game with more unique recipes, The Home Bar Guide chronicles efforts from the rise of the craft cocktail revolution. Inside you'll find riffs on tropical classics and original concoctions crowd-tested at home bars across the USA. But this one's not just about mixing - also included are instructions on how to make your very own syrups, made from ingredients such as ancho chilli, lemongrass, sesame, hibiscus, and more. There's also some fantastic photography of the coolest home tiki bars, to give you all the inspiration you need to set up your very own!