Top 5 Summer Essentials

The summer holidays have just begun for most, and if summer holidays aren’t a thing for you, well it’s still summer! If you’re in the UK, who knows what the weather’s going to be like? Either super hot and sunny, or cold and rainy – never really an in between.

Regardless of that, let’s get more to the point. What are some Summer Essentials you need this year? I’m here to tell you!

Pocket Swing

Starting off at number one is something super interesting. It’s a portable swing! If you’re out in the wilderness camping or on a day out somewhere, you can simply just pull this fold away swing from your pocket, tie it between a couple of strong trees, and swing away!

Now, yes this is marketed as a toy for kids, but… it would be just as fun for adults!! It can be used as a swing, or a seat to sit when relaxing – and it’s portable, I really don’t see a downside!

Baked In Dinosaur Cake

Picture this, it’s 39 degrees outside and you’re in the UK. We all know it’s too hot to actually go out and do something other than sunbathe! Baking a cake will make the day fun and exciting, and give you a nice little snack to eat after celebrating the hottest day to date in the UK!

The Baked In kits come with almost everything you need to get baking! You just need a few extra ingredients, that would go funny if they were sitting in the box…

Yulu Helix

Staying active in summer is so important! It can be difficult to do so because it’s so hot! The Helix tennis rackets provide a unique bat and ball experience. It is safe to play with either indoors or outdoors, and is a whole load of fun!

The ball is very unique with it's bright feathers attached, so hopefully it's a lot more difficult to lose than a normal ball!

Sigg Traveller Water Bottle

Not only is staying active important, but keeping hydrated is too! There is a whole range of Sigg products to take with you whether it's summer or not! So in reality, it's an all rounder essential if you ask me! They do cups, normal bottles, children's bottles, meridian bottles, miracle mugs and more! They have a variety of colours - there will 100% be one to fit your colourful needs.

Why not get one for the whole family in different colours? They're strong, and safe with no spillages when shut correctly. They can keep cold and hot insulated in the bottle and doesn't give a funny taste after having liquid in there for a while.

Fujifilm Instant Camera

Memories are the best part of living. Being able to capture these moments is something we take for granted. With an instant camera, you can print out these images immediately and keep them wherever you find special.

It's small enough to keep in your hand luggage and pull out when striking a pose and ready - or when taking pictures of a beautiful sunset. There's no rules, so go ahead and take pictures of whatever you fancy!

A Board Game

Now I know I've given you more than 5 now, but this one's important!

Here I have linked Trivial Pursuit Decades because Trivial Pursuit is a family favourite to play and it’s quite nostalgic. Either way, a board game is always good to take on your travels, it kills time in the evenings when you’re excited for the next day of your trip, and it makes for some laughs and family fun!

You can find a much wider range of board games on Zatu Games!

There was our Summer Essentials (and maybe some all year rounders) you must have! Don't forget to get creative! You could even do something like flower pressing, or create some recycled bracelets!