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About Us

Find out more about Zatu's step into the world of Smart Home technology

In 2016 Zatu Limited launched Zatu Games, a brand-new board games retailer dedicated to providing consumers with the widest range of board games at the best possible prices. After two years, during in which we have risen at a stratospheric rate to the top of the UK board gaming retail market, we’re now taking our hand at revolutionising the UK Smart Home market.

As such, we present to you Zatu Home, the latest place for Smart Home technology, a one-stop consumer hub dedicated to providing the widest range of smart home technology at affordable prices, so that you’re able to make your house your smart home. Join us on a journey that thrusts UK houses into the future.

Control every facet of your house without ever leaving the comfort of your bedroom again. Voice activated lighting, reactive climate control systems, automated cleaning robots, video doorbells – the choice is near endless in how you wish to customise your home – and you’ll be able to get all this and more at Zatu Home.

Not only will Zatu Home provide you with the latest in Smart Home products, we aim for this to be the UK’s number one destination for Smart Home information. Reviews, previews, features and more on the latest cutting-edge technology. Supported by a dedicated content team across social, video and print media. The place to learn about which system to connect your house to, what devices are compatible, and how to best plan your new Smart Home accordingly – and then to go and buy it!

Zatu Home is an exciting new venture into a rapidly growing market that looks to drastically change how we interact with technology and the home in our lives. We hope that you take this leap into the future with us today.

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