Last Minute Gift Ideas For Christmas

It is nearing that time of year, where everyone get's together, and eats a HUGE Christmas dinner. But before that, presents. It can be really difficult to know what to buy someone, and it is even worse when you leave it last minute. So, we've got your back at Zatu home. Here are some of the best last minute gift ideas for Christmas.

Waffle Maker

Even if you're buying a last minute gift for someone who doesn't like to cook/ bake, you can't go wrong with a waffle maker. This will get their sweet (or savoury) tooth very excited. You could even go more in depth, and get your hands on a Star Wars or Pokémon waffle maker for those fans! This will allow them to get creative, and get a tasty treat at the end of it.

SIGG Water Bottle

You can't go wrong with a handy, good quality water bottle for Christmas. The SIGG collection is probably one of the best you can get as you can buy it in many different styles and designs for all different wants and needs. If you need a travel bottle, there's plenty of them. If you need a children's bottle, there's a lot of them! The list goes on and on.

Mario Mushroom Light

If you've got any Super Mario fans who you need a last minute gift idea for, this mushroom light would be perfect. Not only is it super cute, but it will illuminate the entire area in such a little space. This is a suitable piece of home decor for any age or gender.

Crystal Art Set

These little crystal art sets come in many different designs to fit the likes of who you need to buy a last minute gift for! They allow you to get creative, have some fun, and get a stunning piece of artwork out of it! They will keep your gift receiver busy for 45 minutes - 2 hours (at least!).

Leopard Mug

When I saw this, I knew it had to be included in this last minute gift guide! With a gorgeous leopard print pattern, it will create the perfect cup of tea (or hot chocolate, or whatever drink you'd like). It is also in a stunning pink colour and you'd be sure to be the best tea drinker out of the rest of them with this leopard mug!

And that's it for now. We hope this helped resolve at least one of your last minute gift issues. We hope you have a lovely Christmas, filled with love, joy and celebrations.