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My Magical Oasis

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Product Description

Whether you re trapped in a crowded train carriage, waiting room or schoolyard, the lush living forests of My Magical Oasis teeming with butterflies and birds, tendrils and petals are never out of reach . . . In this beguiling printed world, you ll find nothing but dreamy flora and fauna, blooming across the page in shades of black and white. Can you color between the lines to bring this beauteous rainbow world to life? Unlike any self-help book you ll read, My Magical Oasis a coloring book to suit would-be artists of every age is designed to help you channel your creativity in inspiring new ways. Alongside intricate zentangle designs enticingly easy to embellish with crayon or felt-tip pen you ll discover more sketchy shapes and bright white spaces for you to fill with dreamy doodles of your own. Within My Magical Oasis, there are no rules, simply the pleasure of creating beautiful pictures that you ll want to keep forever.