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Eve Smoke


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Product Features

  • iOS App
  • Apple HomeKit
  • Bluetooth
  • Email Alerts
  • Easy Installation

Product Description

Meet Eve Smoke: a HomeKit-enabled smoke and heat detector created in collaboration with Hager. A connected alarm that puts vital information in the palm of your hand, so you can put your mind at ease. A certified safety device you know you can count on, for years upon years.

Dual sensors, double the safety.

Featuring a photoelectric smoke sensor, and a differential heat sensor, Eve Smoke detects both smoldering and flaming fires. Use only the heat sensor in your kitchen to cook up a storm without tripping the siren. And if you happen to trigger a false alarm, simply silence it from your iPhone.

Always primed.

Eve Smoke tests itself, constantly and discreetly. One glance at the app confirms the functional integrity of each component, and friendly reminders keep essential sound checks on track. That way you’re guaranteed it’s all systems go, if necessary.

Rest assured.

With a decade-strong battery and definitive status reports, you’re never left wondering what’s happening on your ceiling. Now, you know all is well, in detail. Even without connecting to your iPhone, Eve Smoke continues to function autonomously.

Alerts on the go.

Alarms won’t help much when no one is around. But with your home hub forever linking you to your home, you’ll instantly get a notification.

A surge of sound when seconds count.

Have multiple rooms equipped with Eve Smoke? Unite them with a once-off tap, and if a single Eve Smoke sounds the alarm, your home hub will ensure that the others join in.

Light the way with a scene

Scenes enable multiple accessories to work in concert. With Eve Smoke, create a scene in which connected lights automatically sync with the alarm, and in a real emergency, they’ll illuminate your path to safety.

Command on demand.

Set scenes in a flash via Siri, your Control Center, or Apple Watch. Easily engage accessories using the Home app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. And to see concise records, gain insights, and enjoy full control of your connected home, look no further than the Eve app.

Safe as houses.

Eve accessories are exclusively HomeKit-enabled. Even when accessing your home remotely via your home hub, data is end-to-end encrypted and stored on your iPhone or iPad. Superior privacy, advanced security, and absolute peace of mind – it’s all here.

Truly smart.

Equipped with Bluetooth low energy technology, Eve accessories ensure reliable operation independently of bridges. Setup is quick and easy. Energy consumption is minimal. And accessory response time is snappy.

Product Information

Photoelectric particle sensor
Thermal differential sensor

85 dB(A) at 3m

Built-in 10-year battery

Wireless Connection
Bluetooth Low Energy

Test Certification
DIN EN 14604

116 x 49 mm

255 g