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Brico'Kids Diy Giant Magnetic Workbench

RRP: £99.99
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Product Description

40 accessories- Evolutionary! Unique system that allows you to adjust height of stand. Grows with your child and adapts itself to your childs height (maximum height of the workbench work surface: 50.7 cm)- Magnetic! An insightful system of magnetic tools making it easy for your child to store his tools in the right place! All-inclusive! A large number of accessories included to allow your child to let his imagination run free and invent an unending range of objects to build and undo!!! 3 magnetic tools and 40 accessories (bolts, nuts, screws, disks, pads ) a bench vice, a clock to learn to read the time and chalk and a blackboard to write on and an instruction sheet for assembling a racing car. Standard painting. Silk screen printing. Delivered not assembled. Rubber wood (work plan), pine wood (feet), chinese cherry (accessories except the planks in plywood), MDF (painted part of the workbench). Closed color box with plastic handle