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Rubeus Hagrid

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Product Description

This film-inspired doll brings Harry Potter and his friends back to Hogwarts. Fans can recreate favourite moments or imagine their own action-packed stories with Harry’s friend and confidant, Rubeus Hagrid doll. He looks just like his beloved character in the Harry Potter film series and comes dressed in his classic look, a belted shirt and vest, pants and boots. This 12-inch Hagrid doll features true-to-movie details, like the half-giant’s beard and curly hair, and comes with a Norbert dragon hatchling accessory to inspire imaginative play. Eleven “joints” — in the neck, shoulders, hips, knees, elbows and wrists — ready Hagrid doll for action-storytelling and spellbinding poses. Fans and collectors will love reliving their favourite moments from the series with this collectible, character-inspired doll.