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Roomba 695

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Product Features

  • Amazon Echo
  • Android App
  • Built In Battery
  • Google Home
  • iOS App
  • Multiroom

Product Description

For Clean Hard Floors and Carpets

“Random” Navigation

Roomba 695 is equipped with a “random” cleaning pattern. That means it cleans every part of your floors for up to four times. That’s how it ensures to thoroughly remove all dirt, dust and debris.

Robot Hoover for Hard Floors & Carpets

This robot vacuum is perfectly suitable for hard floors like parquet, linoleum, PVC, tiles and the like. iRobot Roomba 695 is also ideal for carpets.

Long Side Brush for Clean Corners

iRobot 695 is equipped with an especially long side brush. That is used to remove dirt and dust from corners and along walls and sidebars.

Cleans under low Furniture

Thanks to its minor construction of only 9.3 cm, Roomba 695 perfectly fits under low furniture. Therefore it also cleans under beds, sofas and low cupboards.

Overcoming Doorsteps

The iRobot Roomba 695 is able to overcome doorsteps with a max. height of 2 cm. That ensures a cleaning process without problems.


Cleaning options of the Roomba 695/696

Scheduling for an automatic cleaning

iRobot 695 is equipped with scheduling function. There can be set one starting time each weekday to make the robot hoover start cleaning automatically.

Free-App for iOS and Android

You can also control the iRobot Roomba 695 with your Smartphone or Tablet. The iRobot HOME App is available in App Store and Play Store, free of charge.

The following functions of the App are usable from wherever you are:

– start/stop
– set a schedule
– monitor cleaning process
– support.

Set Limits with a Dual Mode Virtual Wall

There is a Dual Mode Virtual Wall included in the scope of delivery of Roomba 695/696. It offers the following functions:

Virtual Wall: invisible boundary that is used to separate the cleaning area

Halo Mode: builds a round protection zone that is perfect for protecting feeding dishes

Modern Sensors are Integrated

Anti-Drop Sensors

iRobot 695 is equipped with numerous anti-drop sensors. They help recognizing abysses and stairs. Therefore, the robot hoover doesn’t drop but changes its cleaning way.

Recognizes Obstacles

On the front side of iRobot Roomba 695 there is a bumper. As soon as the bumper hits an obstacle (like furniture) it tells Roomba to change its direction. Your furniture will not be damaged.

With Dirt-Detect

The so-called Dirt-Detect helps Roomba 695 to detect extremely dirty areas. By then, it moves forward and backward several times, removing all the dirt and dust.

iRobot 695 is a perfect robot hoover, if:

Your household is up to 80 m2
You want it to be controlled with your Smartphone or Tablet
It should start cleaning automatically (scheduling)
There are doorsteps to overcome with up to 2 cm

Roomba 695 doesn’t exactly meet your requirements, if:

Your household is bigger than 80 m2
You own cats or dogs – for pet hair we recommend those robot hoovers
There is no need of an App control or scheduling function – we also offer numerous basic models

iRobot Roomba 965/696 – two numbers, one device

Some customers wonder about the differences between Roomba 695 and Roomba 696. We can ensure you that both models are identical. They only differ in their way of distribution (online vs. offline). As Zatu Home is an online retailer you can buy Roomba 695.

Product Information

Manufacturer: iRobot
Model description: iRobot Roomba 695
Recommended up to (approx.): 80 m²
Dimensions (approx.): 33.5 x 33.5 x 9.3 cm
Weight (approx.): 3.6 kg
Time and week programming: Yes
Programming/controlling the app: Yes
Especially for animal hair: No
Remote control: Not included
Cleaning settings: Full Surface, Spot
Navigation: iAdapt® Responsive Navigation
Charging time (approx.): 2 h
Rechargeable battery life (approx.): 1 h
Charging station: Included
Guarantee on the product: 2 years
Guarantee on the rechargeable battery: 1 year
Boundary: Dual Mode Virtual Wall (included)
Type of rechargeable battery: Lithium-Ion
Volume (approx.): 58 dB
Plug for UK: included
Special features:
• app control
• Dirt Detect
• Dual Mode Virtual Wall