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Logiblocs - School Kit

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Product Description

Logiblocs is the electronic discovery system that helps children understand the world of technology that we live in. By plugging the blocs together, children can build control systems and various gadgets that are fun and useful! Logiblocs is a powerful learning tool for teachers of the Computer Curriculum at key stage 1 and 2, and introduces children to logic, control, automation and robotics, and inspires them to design and experiment. Inside each bloc is a printed circuit board and every bloc is colour coded to describe its function. Children can make door alarms, treasure guards, rain detectors, Morse code machines and more. The innovation is unlimited and children can learn about logic and circuits in a fun and engaging way! The School Supplies kit comes in a robust tray with comprehensive teacher’s guide, pupils project book and work cards. The kit provides great freedom for experimentation by children beyond the projects provided and has proved very popular with teachers. Includes 2 battery power supplies so that 2 groups can work at once.