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LaMetric Time

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Product Features

  • Easy Installation
  • Display
  • Manual Controls
  • Lighting Scenario
  • W-LAN
  • Spotify
  • Speaker Phone
  • Radio
  • Music Streaming

Product Description

Smartphone notifications at a glance

When your phone is charging somewhere else, don’t worry to miss an important call or message. LaMetric TIME will always show who’s calling or texting you.

Rock with the dance of pixels

Wake up to your favourite Internet radio station in the morning or stream favourite smartphone music from services like Spotify, iTunes, Pandora to LaMetric Time stereo speakers. Enjoy the visual equalizer!

Social Media Counters

Motivate yourself to be a better influencer with a growing number of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube or Twitter followers and likes.

Live Viewer Counters for Twitch & Mixer

Get at a glance how many viewers and followers you have on Twitch/Mixer and never miss when you favorite streamer is live.

Sales Figures & Conversion Rate

Your e-Commerce, Stripe, PayPal sales, stock quotes and crypto-currencies prices right on your clock. With LaMetric TIME you’ll always know when the money comes in.

See what’s playing on your SONOS, get climate measurements from Netatmo

With TIME your Smart Home becomes complete with both display and one-button control. See the name of a song at a glance, control Hue Lights with a click of a button, get alerted if there is a gas leak in your home and so much more.