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Fujifilm X-T3 VPB-XT3 Vertical Power Booster Grip (no battery included)

RRP: £299.00
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Product Description

A battery grip designed specifically for the Fujifilm X-T3 Mirrorless Camera, provides greater comfort to the photographer particularly when holding the camera vertically, and allows for greater stability when using the camera with big lenses.

Dust-resistant, water-resistant, and cabale of operating at -10C.
Fits 2 batteries, bringing the total number of batteries to 3
Increases the shots per charge to approximately 1,100
Enables seamless ‘battery changes’ even during continuous shooting or video recording, providing a stress-free shooting experience
Features a shutter release button, focus lever, AE-L button, AF-L button, command dials, Q and Fn button to provide the same level of excellent operability in vertical shooting as you get in horizontal operation
Charge your batteries directly within the VG-XT3 using the AC adapter supplied, charge time of around 2 hours for 2 batteries