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Danalock V3 Bluetooth

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Product Features

  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • Bluetooth

Product Description

Danalock V3 Bluetooth smart lock

Get a taste of the future with Danalock V3. With Danalock V3 you can kiss goodbye to lost keys and welcome the arrival of smart locks that allow the locking and unlocking of doors with your smart devices with Bluetooth Smart support. This technology not only unlocks doors, but also locks them automatically after a set amount of time. Just one click of a button and you find yourself in the safety of your home.

Option to grant access to guests via Apple iOS and Google Android

Danalock V3 smart locks work in conjunction with an eponymous app compatible with Android (4.4 and later) and iOS 4s and later. The app keeps track of each locking and unlocking of the door, shows the battery status and alerts you when the battery level falls below the required level. From your smartphone you can also grant temporary access to your guests. This feature comes in handy, for example, when you go on holiday and need someone to water your plants and take care of your pet.

The future at your fingertips with the Danalock V3

Imagine that you are on your way home and your smart house detects your approach and prepares for it. It turns off the house alarm, unlocks the door, puts on your favorite music and turns the lights on. You think it sounds like science fiction? Yet it is exactly what Danalock V3 smart lock can do in conjunction with the mobile app and other smart devices in your house with Bluetooth Smart support.

Product Information

The Danalock smart lock can unlock your door with the use of a smart device
The lock works with the Danalock app for iOS and Android
The app keeps track of each locking and unlocking of the door
If needed, you can give temporary access to your visitors
Extremely secure with the 256bit AES encryption method
Special TPM chip for maximum safety
Power supply: four CR123A batteries (battery life approx. 9000 cycles)
Suitable for most standard doors