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Cave Club Cat Condo Play Set

RRP: £19.99
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Product Description

Meet the Cave Club a truly unruly group of prehistoric kids who are way ahead of their time! With Cave Club dolls and playsets, kids can travel back in time and embark on epic storytelling adventures with their favourite prehistoric characters, like Roaralai . Raised by saber-tooth tigers, Roaralai has known since kittenhood that those ferocious, sharp-fanged felines have a rawr worse than their bite. With this playset, kids can help Roaralai doll spoil her saber-tooth kitten, Ferrell , with treats and toys! A pet cave and cat tower will make Ferrell feel right at home, and smaller play pieces like a litter box, scooper, bowl and cat toys set the pals up with everything they need for feeding and play time. Transport kids to the dawn of time and let them discover wild new stories with Cave Club dolls and playsets! Adventurers can collect other Cave Club dolls and toys to make history with the whole crew. Each sold separately, subject to availability. colours and decorations may vary.