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Barbie Babysitter Assortment (One Supplied)

RRP: £24.99
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Product Description

Play out common babysitting moments with these Barbie playsets that come with Barbie doll, a baby or child figure, a larger themed piece and smaller accessories. The pieces are designed with bright colours, signature style and a fun feature. Choose from dolls with different looks and different themes that include a bouncing stroller for a walk, a sink and flipping potty for the bathroom and furniture (high chair and playpen with spinning mobile) and food pieces for a baby with a colour-change mouth. Its so much fun to play with each of these life-like play sets! The Barbie babysitting dolls wear casual outfits with shoes that are right on trend; the children are dressed in cute outfits, too. The features are easy to activate: push the stroller to see it bounce, flip the potty to flush or use warm water to see the babys face change colour. Smaller pieces expand the storytelling fun, like food, toys and a diaper bag for the stroller set, bathroom products and bath toys for the bathroom and food accessories for the feeding set. Please note: includes one set of one Barbie doll and one child doll wearing fashions and accessories, plus themed pieces. There are several styles available within this assortment and unfortunately it is not possible to request which one you would prefer.