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Introducing the Ring Video Doorbell Collection

The new Ring Video Doorbell is the latest in smart security technology. It acts as a normal doorbell, alerting you when someone pushes the button, but also acts as a security camera with additional smart features. Ring offers a variety of video doorbells to suit all needs and budgets. Let’s take a detailed look at what they have to offer.

Video Doorbell

The standard video doorbell comes in four different colours including black, white, gold and grey. Obviously, Ring doorbells aren’t just your standard doorbell, they also have a camera which is situated above the ring button. The Ring video doorbell connects to your smart phone via the Ring App and notifies you when someone presses your doorbell, perfect for when you are not at home.

Not only does the Ring App allow you to see who is at your door, but to also hear and speak to them, allowing you to have a conversation with whoever is there, even when you’re not at home – all in a minimum of 720p HD (these specs change depending on which model you have).

The Ring Doorbell has motion sensors that also allow you to be notified when someone is approaching the door, rather than just when someone pushes the button and even has night vision, so you won’t miss anyone in the dark. The Video Doorbell runs off a battery or can be hardwired in like a regular doorbell.

Video Doorbell - Ring V2

Video Doorbell 2

The Video Doorbell 2 comes with everything the original Video Doorbell features, but is more enhanced. It also has live view, which allows you to check the camera at any time and also shows a 1080p HD display. It also comes with two interchangeable faceplates, black and white, which you can change to fit your style.

The Video Doorbell 2 also comes with adjustable sensors, allowing you to change the distance and areas that you wish to monitor. The Video Doorbell 2 can run off a battery or can be hardwired in like the regular Video Doorbell.

Video Doorbell Pro

The Video Doorbell Pro comes with a different design to the Video Doorbell and Video Doorbell 2, and comes with four interchangeable faceplates, so you can change the colour of your doorbell to suit your style.

These come in silver, black, white and gold and allow you to see 160 degrees horizontally. The Video Doorbell Pro requires existing doorbell wiring unlike the Video Doorbell and Video Doorbell 2.

Video Doorbell - Ring Pro

Video Doorbell Elite

The Video Doorbell Elite is the top smart doorbell of the range that Ring offer. This model runs off the internet and is hardwired in over Ethernet. This gives you a more reliable connection, ensuring that your connection is the most secure it can be. The field of view for this edition is also a lot better, allowing you to see 160 degrees horizontal and 90 degrees vertical. The Video Doorbell Elite also comes with four interchangeable faceplates, so you can change the colour of them with ease.

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Overall Ring has you covered for any king of smart doorbell you need. The features and functionalities are perfect if you want to keep an eye on who is coming to your door, keeping your mind at ease when you are not at home.

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