The Best Black Friday Tips And Tricks

Black Friday is right around the corner, and here at Zatu we just can't wait to talk about it any longer! We're excited to bring you great deals next Friday on the 26th. For now, we can offer you our best Black Friday tips and tricks to make sure you get everything you've set your heart on.

1. Do Your Research

Do some window shopping this week so you can prepare a neat wishlist before the day itself arrives. You can check different stores and websites for the best prices, or just to have a few backups in case one retailer goes out of stock before you can snap your item up. Some stores will even begin their Black Friday sales well before actual Black Friday, so you could have the opportunity to space out your spending a bit more.

You can also research the price history of items from specific websites and retailers online, to make sure you're really getting the good deal you've been promised!

2. Plan And Prioritise

Make sure you set your budget, you don't want to get carried away with all those great discounts! It helps to organise your wishlist in order of priority, so you're not spending all your budget before you get round to picking up your favourite pieces. This will also help you to organise your day if you're doing Black Friday shopping both online and in physical stores.

3. Subscribe To Email Lists

By subscribing to brands you want to buy from, you gain access to regular updates. You can subscribe to emails as well as social media, like Instagram and Twitter. Some retailers will even offer their subscribers early access to their Black Friday sales, as well as other discounts throughout the year. Downloading apps is another good way to get some great exclusive deals. Push notifications will alert you to sales immediately, so you'll never miss out!

4. Read Reviews

Before you buy, it's always a great idea to read up about the product you're interested in. It could be that it's not worth it even at sale price. Or, it could be that it's not quite worth full price, but you'd still buy it if it was a bit cheaper! Then you can keep an eye out for it at the price area that suits you.

5. Remember Other Shopping Holidays

Black Friday isn't the only day you can score great deals this season. Set some of your budget aside for online shopping deals on Cyber Monday. Or perhaps you'd like to participate in Small Business Saturday. Green Monday (similar to Cyber Monday) is also right around the corner, taking place on the second Monday of December.

We hope our list of best Black Friday tips and tricks helps you find all the items you love this Black Friday. Be sure to check back on the 26th for our exclusive discounts and sales!