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Amazon Echo Model Guide

Amazon Echo Model Guide

“Alexa, what’s the weather tomorrow?” One of the many Alexa-based terms that you’re likely to hear in your friend’s and loved one’s home in 2018. The Amazon Echo Smart Speaker is appearing in more and more households across the country. The device connects to the now famous Alexa cloud-based voice search service. The speaker connects […]

September 4,2018 - By Francesca
Top 5 Smart Speakers for your Home

Top 5 Smart Speakers

A speaker plays music, audiobooks, radio or any sound you want to play through it. That’s all they do, right? Wrong. Smart speakers are the next big thing in the speaker world and are perfect for people who want more something more than just sound. Smart speakers have created a whole new tech category and […]

September 3,2018 - By Francesca
Top 5 Smart Home Security Products

Top 5 Smart Home Security Devices

Home security has a whole new meaning in today’s world. Most homes don’t come with much more security than door and window locks and the days of the single burglar alarm are over. A variety of new smart security devices have now been introduced to the market making you increasingly aware of the security of […]

September 3,2018 - By Francesca
Yale Smart Home CCTV System

Introducing Yale’s Smart Home CCTV System

The rise of Smart Home technology means that we can now make our homes more secure than ever before. Yale have been home security specialists for many years, but they’ve now entered the smart market with their clever Smart Home CCTV System. This system will allow you to check in on your home even when […]

September 2,2018 - By Francesca
Philips Hue Wireless Lighting System

Introducing the Philips Hue Wireless Lighting System

The Philips Hue Wireless Lighting System has redefined the way we light up our homes. Having the system in your home means that you can control your home’s lighting from here, there and everywhere, using a mobile phone app. In today’s post we’ll take a quick look at the different aspects of this smart home […]

September 1,2018 - By Francesca
Google Home Speaker Guide

Google Home – A Closer Look

Head into your friend’s home in 2018 and it’s highly-likely that you’ll be greeted by a Smart Home Speaker in some shape or form. There are several different models available from many different manufacturers, so which one should you go for? In today’s article we take a closer look at the Google Home Speaker. There […]

August 8,2018 - By Francesca